Martinis And Corn Mazes

What do you do with your extra special, last visitor? Why, the best stuff ever, of course. ND got to see all the staples: the library, Shorty’s, the Locks, and the city. But he also got a 7 mile walk through the parks and waterfront. He also got us up the Columbia Tower free. We got to go hunting fish and views, be nearly hit by a train, nearly crash a wedding, and all these fun new things. We had drinks at Tini Bigs and Hula Hula, and saw the Red Bull soapbox races from the comfort of a dry indoor table with MW and some Ohio State fans that let us know UT might’ve won had we been elsewhere (not sorry I missed that).

You might notice the pictures are fantastic, we put ND in charge. We ate well, drank better, and kept moving, the whole weekend. And yes, we literally found and paid money to wander through a giant corn maze. You only live once people.

Here are the pictures!



6 thoughts on “Martinis And Corn Mazes

  1. Back home they have a corn maze and every friday night they fill it with people in scary costumes and you get to go through it with nothing but a flashlight.

    It gets pretty freaky… people jumping/lurching out at you… I nearly shat my pants when someone ran at me with a chainsaw.

    Money well spent.

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