Resident Evil: Extinction

In case you haven’t noticed by now, I really like zombie movies. You follow the time tested, flawless general plan, you shock and scare, throw in a little gore, and usually people end up laughing and shrieking, good times.

We finally got to see the latest Resident Evil this weekend. Man, the plan is there. The zombies are crazy and it takes hardcore skills to fight ’em. Everyone that you don’t want to get infected does, all the things you know to look out for happen.

res evil legos

But at the same time, I didn’t jump out of my seat (MW did, though). And the end, well, I heard they weren’t going to make another and I hope they mean that about as much as Indiana Jones. It demands a sequel. I’ll even offer to write it.

If you like the others, of course you’ll see it. But really, at the rate DVDs come out these days, I’d just wait a few months.


5 thoughts on “Resident Evil: Extinction

  1. I’m not a fan of zombies, but I do like the Resident Evil movies. I really liked this last one (I jumped and even had to close my eyes a couple of times). My husband, who has hated all the other RE movies, thought this one was great. He’s a zombie fan.

  2. I love zombie movies. I thought the first RE was great. The second one was so terrible I had to stop it midway and send it back to Netflix. I have hear this one is closer to the second one than the third one. Where would you rate it?

    I love the “Living Dead” series. I also really liked 28 days later.

  3. RE is funny with zombie fans, some people really don’t like it. I’ve played the game a bunch, so I like it just because, I guess.
    Andy – That’s hilarious, I thought they were all pretty much the same. This one doesn’t have nearly enough gore. But it’s good.
    I posted about 28 Weeks Later(the sequel), *loved* it.

  4. All things zombie-related have been quite horrible with the exception of Shaun of the Dead and the Zombie Idol skit on Robot Chicken, IMO.

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