One More Time

Not that it will, by any means, be the last time, but it’s time for another
official announcement!

Our time in Seattle was amazing. KD, RD, LC, RD2, AC, NN, ND, Mom, Dad, MIL, and DW all came to visit us! We explored the city, took trips to Vancouver, the San Juan islands, the Olympics, Mount Rainier…

Six months is too short. There were so many adventures, and still so much we didn’t have time for. But, this is going to wrap it up for now. We’re moving next week again, this time to San Diego!

MK’s visited, and knows people there. I haven’t and don’t. Somehow, I ended up in charge of the trip. So I need some help. Anyone ever driven the entire CA coast? Have any suggestions? So far I know we’re stopping in Portland, and stopping to drive through one of those cut out Redwood trees! That’s all I’ve got, then it gets tricky. There are just so many options!!

We’re getting all packed up, and OF COURSE – I’m resending an open invitation to everyone I’ve ever met (and haven’t) – to come visit us there! I don’t know how long we’ll be on the road, we are looking at it as a little vacation. Hopefully I can find thestandin for you guys, she’s MIA these days…

road trip


16 thoughts on “One More Time

  1. Um, I will visit San Diego. Monthly. Maybe weekly. *looks at calendar* Yes, just let me know when you get there.

    I’ve heard the CA coast drive is unbelievably fantastic. How you’ll keep from stopping at every beach along the way is beyond me!

  2. How many times are you going to move before you realize that I’m right when I say that there’s no nice place to live? 😛

  3. I’ve only been to San Diego to visit Sea World. There’s lots of stuff in the LA/Anaheim area. And Mexico is pretty close.

    As Lewis Black says, being the weatherman in San Diego is the easiest job in the world. “How’s the weather gonna be today?” “It’s gonna be… nice.”

  4. if you need me or rob to stand in on your blog, we’d be happy to. rob is currently jobless so he has plenty of time to be a slacker, err, blogger…

  5. Are you still going as scheduled? Doesn’t seem like a great time to be in SD. Be careful.

    P.S. Yes, I still need to call you back about the holidays – I am horrible at making phone calls – just ask my mom.

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