First Time For Everything

Oh, what a night. Here are the highlights.

Friday night, CD picked me up straight off the ferry and we made our way over to the Old Pequliar. I have to say, I have been to more pubs in this city than any, ever. There are so many. There’s one guy coming to visit me that is going to be very, very happy to hear that. Anyway, there were a ton of people there. And a cowboy. The cowboy wasn’t with us, but he (besides his pants) was cute. So us girls, we talked about him. A lot. Since I’m the married one, it fell upon my shoulders to go hand him a phone number of one of the other girls. He wasn’t very cowboy, he was from CA. After living in TX, I think somehow that’s the only place they really come from. That about rapped that up for me.

Anyway, we proceed to play darts, my team winning 3 of 4 games. When the party dies down a little, we relocate to Belltown, a bar called the Black Bottle. I don’t know why these things don’t happen when MK’s here, but CD was hit on big time. Or something.

By a drag queen.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that…

Right. I have to cross watching that off my “I never” list.

If that wasn’t odd enough, there was also my first conversation with a real live LA hipster, Indian. Between the sentences “You shut up” and “Don’t go there” he talked about the weather. Yikes. There might have been a couple “No you didn’t”s, I didn’t know people still said that.

CD also had the fortune of meeting a couple whose main features were “he drives a Porsche” “this is our first date” “no, we’re married” and “this time I don’t think he’s going to hit me”. Where do these people come from?

CD also got to learn my special secret after a night out drinking, when we returned to my place, and I made spaghetti.

drag queen


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