Let’s Play “Is It Creepy?”

There are not that many residential buildings near me. There are mostly offices in all directions, expect due south, where my windows all look. Last night (Mom’s not pleased I told my blog stalkers I was home alone!) I of course was enjoying my freedom dancing through the house in my underwear drinking and smoking and wearing face cream (only one of those is the truth…) and I could see out the window! My senses seemed more acute than ever, and well, I saw TV’s on and surely other things that my imagination has been running wild with all day long.

This leads to only one conclusion, of course, “Should I get a telescope and spy on these people even better?” I mean, if they’re leaving their windows all the way open they’re asking for it, right? In many non dirty ways, it just made me laugh. And think of Google Earth, what with the nose picking and other unassuming things I might be privy to. So, internet, is it creepy that I want to spy on people with a telescope? I’m sure it is, especially since telescopes are expensive, and I don’t like the thought of peering into a room with a dude with a telescope of his own, then hearing the phone ring…

I guess what I really want to do, and leave it at, would be the talk with the salesperson in the Sharper Image. “Which one of these can I see into that building over there with?”


10 thoughts on “Let’s Play “Is It Creepy?”

  1. Rear Window
    The Simpsons – Bart of Darkness episode

    There’s a couple movies (and one show episode) that delve into the same topic. 😉

    And wouldn’t it be more creepy when you see another person peering right back at you through a telescope?

  2. Since I know you personally, I don’t think there’s anything creepy about it. You’re not an axe murderer. I would, actually I have done this, but in an office setting. Spying on conference rooms and coffee bars, *yawn*. Plus, anything you view is blog material, so it’s all in the interest of keeping your readers entertained, right?

  3. NOT Creepy? Seriously?

    I think if some posts a question about creepiness and voyeurism with a photo of someone using a telescopic device, isn’t the right answer ‘creepy’? I mean, I’m looking at the some presentation of thoughts by some complete stranger. Isn’t that a bit creepy (and voyeuristic)? And, then I’m writing stuff here in a creepy exhibitionist fashion (though none of this involves genitalia so it isn’t that kind of creepy).

  4. That’s what I figured.

    And, I suppose you’re finding it a bit weird that something minor like this has people yapping whereas when you post something that you’re actually serious about and think contains a real issue worth discussing, you’re faced with complete silence. (I’m supposing that simply because that’s my experience — I could be dead wrong).

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