Three Great Days

Sunday, I made us some muffins and MK and I read the paper. I suck to read the paper with, he’d be trying to read and I’d be trying to talk to him about what I read that he’d already read – he probably won’t let me sit next to him with the paper again anytime soon.

It was so beautiful out, we went to Town Lake and walked. So slow. MK hasn’t been out in a while, it felt like we were crawling, but I quit complaining and enjoyed walking and talking with my husband. We walked up Lake Austin Blvd. and had some Thundercloud subs, mmmmm. We picked up some steaks and went back home and sat out for a bit, packed a bit, and totally fell asleep, best nap ever.

When we woke up we got a full car load of stuff packed away. It is so funny, getting to stuff I want to take that we fight over why we do/don’t need and where to put it. I think I’ve been very accommodating. We hardly have anything but large furniture left. It’s so strange. I have to keep reminding MK we’ve got two more weeks here, we’re kind of ahead of schedule. I cooked us a huge dinner and we watched some tv, listened to Musical Starstreams. My weekend was so full of life and love and fun and friends, I couldn’t have been happier, I’m so blessed!


2 thoughts on “Three Great Days

  1. I had to jog along the trail from my house to downtown Sunday morning to pick up my car after Saturday night’s activities. I’m sad I didn’t get to see you guys on the trail.

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