Great News

How much do I love Law and Order? I love it with all my being. If there’s a choice between doing anything and seeing a L&O I haven’t already seen, or maybe have seen but forgot how it ended, I will sit in front of the tv. TNT, USA, Bravo, you have marathons at a time, where I will camp out and not even answer the phone during 5 to 13 hour long stretches of tv. It’s bad, I know. I’m addicted. I have the computer game. Mom bought me DVD seasons. I know the theme song. I wish it was a ringtone. Or my doorbell ring. Don’t cross me, I know what to do to avoid conviction. I’ve made mention I think I could pass the bar. That’s how much L&O I watch.

Anyway, Fred Thompson, the DA, is a real former senator. And, should he decide to run for President, I will vote for him. NOT ONLY was he on my favorite show, I did a little research and discovered I approve of most of his policies. (Minus Mexican Wall, of course!!) But, mostly, he was on my favorite show. Oh, and have you SEEN his wife? That would be awesome.
Article: A Law & Order Presidential Candidate?

Really? I would even send him a campaign contribution. It might only be $50, but hey.


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