Saturday Did Too

In order to fully have a weekend of me being insane, MK and I decided to do something very silly in the morning. We showered and dressed up as pretty as possible, and drove out to the side of the road and took pictures in the bluebonnets.

Laugh it up. I think I might have done this the first time I visited Texas, at the age of 9. Once you actually grow up and live here though, you drive by people doing that and make fun of them. For preservation of my sanity, we did go at least where no one could really see us. But we do, now, have pictures of us amongst the state flowers. No, you can’t see them.

From there we drive over to the MIL’s house, and returned to her everything that was her excuse to come over to our house. We are, after all, moving, so we don’t need her trying to come to Seattle looking for a dish or anything.

After a stop at Starbuck’s for MK, we drove over to BH and PH’s. They are renovating their house. It seems like someday, if I ever have a house, I would like to renovate it. What a sense of accomplishment and hard work. My favorite was BH noting that all the wine looked very old and expensive due to the fine layer of dust that had settled on everything.

We had some drinks and they took MK and I out for one of our favorite dinners, since we’ll be missing these places soon enough. We went to the original Hyde Park, on 45th. I loooooove this place. I used to live over there in college, and ate there a lot. I also ate at Mother’s, the vegan place across the street. If you don’t know, some bum set fire to their most amazing outdoor garden patio, completely burning it to the ground. Very sad.

Our dinner was fantastic, and then we walked to Dolce Vita, the gelato shop next door. MK and BH had coffee, PH and I had wine. We talked for hours. After I recounted my thinking from yesterday, PH let me know that over the time they’ve known me, they appreciate that I’ve grown to at least know when I say dumb things, which I previously had not. That made me feel better and dumber all at the same time. Oh well. We had a great conversation and really enjoyed the time we were able to spend with our friends, again who we’ll miss so much.

MK and I met KD and ND and co. at Molotov and then Key Bar, rounding out yet another super fantastic day. What a great weekend.


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