The best part about getting skinny, besides the pants, is the real sense of accomplishment. I was the kid that never, ever completed the President’s Physical Fitness program. It’s bad, I know. Not in 3rd grade, or 5th grade, or ever. Because I couldn’t run a mile. I never could. Last year I did, for the first time. Three weeks later, I was up to two. A month or so after that, three. Without dying.

This week, I’ve done 5 miles 5 days now. In less than an hour. It is amazing that I have changed my body, my mind, my breath, and enabled myself to achieve new successes.

guide to running

It might not be a lot to many people, who have been able to accomplish this feat easier, or earlier than me. But the way I see it, you have to take your successes and make your happiness not compare to anyone else’s.

I’ll tell you what has made all the difference, is certainly my soundtrack. I listen to a little too much ‘whiny man music’. By getting rid of some of that and picking up the pace with some loud and fast rap and techno, I challenge myself to push a little harder, run a little stronger.

And it’s paying off!


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