Weekend Recap

Friday was fairly unproductive. I got going early to run errands and had a 0% success rate. Getting home to learn that the husband had a rough work day, we called up some friends and went out to Mulligans for some snacks and a couple games. I inexplicably managed to lose at the bowling-esque machine game and shuffleboard, where I had been reigning champ. 😦

We had a good time, and were home and in bed early so I could get up Saturday at 7 and make it to the gym. Unfortunately, we got up at 6. This reminded me of a story I left out of our NZ vacation.

“The first night we were in Queenstown, we went out to eat and had a bunch of wine and stayed up too late watching movies. We finally settled down knowing we had a huge day ahead of us. Our hotel building fire alarm went off at 3am, and we were outside in the cold wrapped in towels for quite some time. There was, of course, no fire.”

Well, that is what happened Friday night. At our apartment building, at 6am. In case you were wondering, we have a fire department maybe 2 miles away. It took them maybe 20 minutes. They started at the far side of the building. Really, by the time they got to our place, they were searching for remains, had their been a fire. Good to know, I won’t make it in the event of a real emergency. Hmmm.

Needless to say I was fairly grouchy at the gym, but made it through Body Pump and Body Combat and was in a great mood by the end. I’ve reached whole new levels in weights and ability and attitude, and it’s really rewarding. We journeyed over to Starbucks, where I’m limiting myself to ice tea to not negate the workouts, then met some other friends for a healthy 3 hour lunch. Catching up was great. We spent the night seeing a movie, which reminds me I’ve seen a dozen worth mentioning in some other post some time.

And then there was the Kite Festival…


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