More Arts And Crafts

Every little thing I work on has been kind of fun and funny, but I love what it does for the house.

I’m all for making things pretty.

Latest projects:

I painted some small pictures with colors from the house for the guest bathroom. Stencils blow.

I also made us a custom headboard. Showing people where you sleep is creepy. Oh well. The picture might not look like much, but that is plywood with 2″ thick foam ($) and then batting and then fabric. I decided against the insane criss cross pattern I initially wanted and went more simple with my decorative design. The master bedroom is starting to look pimped out!

If you have ever wanted to try this, google “Custom Headboard” and go nuts. It’s idiot proof- I did it!

Sew Crafty

I’ve finally been getting to do some house projects that don’t “have to be done” but that are to make the place look nice.

I had four pillows – two blue and brown, two green striped, that made no sense. But they did cost money. And so no buying new pillows when I had working pillows.

I went to the store, bought all the necessary equipment, read the internet 100 times, and in two days, sewed ALL BY MYSELF some new pillow covers. And they rule.

They tie the whole entire room together, and the whole entire room is complete.

The pillows came out SEW well that now I’m looking for other sh*t to craft. Like, anything. I want to SEW and stitch and measure and create! Watch out, or I’m gonna start making everyone quilts.

And no one likes homemade quilts.


So, I did get some other gifts too…

First thing I love: Christmas decorations at 60% off.

(Doesn’t this look like something out of a magazine?

And it’s just a wreath for MY fireplace! And it was SEVEN DOLLARS).

Second: A Dadd who spent forever finding me some vintage skis to hang and make some art out of for the house!