More Like D. I. WHY


It was fun when we bought the place to tinker around and think about what we’d like to do to it.

Now that we’re in day 3 of not a lot of walls or windows that we’re really sleeping under, all I can think about is winning the lottery and paying someone else to do it.

Tell me it’s rewarding, tell me these blisters earn character, but the truth is, I want my husband back, and I’d really love to see the foreman that replaced him get lost. Trying to keep the kitchen clean so I can still feed us while the ceiling and walls are ripped apart is tough. Trying to smile and cook for the guy that doesn’t allow breaks is worse…

Seriously though, we are good at this. And it’s pretty easy. Mostly the waiting down time parts are bad. You want it all to be done yesterday. I spackled all the walls in the living room and kitchen today. After another coat they’ll be ready to prime and paint!

Slowly but surely this place is becoming our dream house. Believe it or not all the hard work is worth it. Just this once though, this isn’t an all the time fun kind of thing.


4 thoughts on “More Like D. I. WHY

  1. P.S., reason #2345 that we hire professionals: Bob thinks it’s called a “DYI” project. If you can’t even SAY it right, you certainly shouldn’t be weilding a sledgehammer, don’t you agree?

  2. Bob walked in and read that second comment over my shoulder right after I submitted it… I was in big trouble. Apparently, it was a really mean thing to say. 😦 I’m forever sticking my foot in it, which is why I should never have a blog of my own.

    Don’t be nervous; we have all the right contractors on speed-dial. 🙂

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