The GSD Degree

So, the B’s are buying a house. I think it’s safe to announce that now. A rental property. Why do you care?

They have degrees in GSD.

This degree, the “Get Sh*t Done” degree, has them ready to move. They are knocking out entire rooms, and the redesign plans are all ready, well, ready. Mr B has a binder. We just rip things down, all binderless and stuff. Tsk, tsk.

We’ve lived here almost a year. And right now, there are almost as many non functioning rooms as functioning ones. That house un-freezing party I wanted to have? Might not happen before it snows.

But I’m happy. Because the B’s are GSD’ers, we are becoming GSD’ers. MK is ripping down walls, which you’ve  seen. He’s picking out new windows and doors – things I wasn’t holding my breath for. It might not all be done as fast as the B’s – they’ve got contractors and MK’s got me, but the trips to Home Depot have increased by 45% or so since they got in the mix with their plans. And the fact that we leave the store with ACTUAL PURCHASES is pretty mind blowing when you’ve given up and igured you’d be window shopping for the rest of your life.

Thank goodness!

We’re pushing away, with a healthy mix of partying and good times for balance, and slowly but surely this house is transforming into something we can be so proud of now.


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