Besides Skiing

I’m so burnt out on talking about skiing! I’m never going to be the best, although I do have some amazing days, like today was, at the opening of Canyons.

But really, everyone I know talks about skiing. It’s like buying a house, ha. Or having a baby (I imagine). But you’re happy to talk about that one thing, all the time. It’s YOUR thing.

Skiing, I love it so so SO much, but the way I talk about it AS my thing is so different from many skiers and turns me off to the whole deal. I care about learning and growing and making others learn and grow. I see people here having bad times, having trouble, not getting answers. It’s frustrating!

Complaining about the Santa event, mostly the problem is MK is SO SMART (it gets old). So I tell him something I’m thinking about skiing and he points out something to me that apparently no one in the entire industry has ever considered and it hurts my brain. A solution. A point. A consideration.

Or they spell something wrong…

there are bright shiny moments, though.

Check this video out. I want to be 16 again when I grow up:

Blackflips and good taste in music. Love it.


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