Pictures! From My Droid!

The best thing so far about this phone is the quality of the photos it takes. They only come out bad if you’re not still (which is the case on many of these). I also am obsessed with the apps that change the color quality and type of photo the camera takes – since Tosh.0 taught me everything looks cooler through a fish-eye lens. Since it’s my phone, I have no excuse not getting this done sooner – other than I was also waiting to see what MK had on the cameras. But since we’re never going to see those, I spent the morning finding photos for you. Now I’m off to spend the afternoon ordering! tons! of! furniture! (FINALLY!)

The problem was figuring out how to get them off the phone. As a matter of fact, I’m so attached to this phone I’m hardly ever on my laptop anymore either. Took me long enough, since they are all nearly no longer relevant…

here’s a bunch of photo albums (@snapfish, so you might need to sign in. It’s free)!

First – pictures of the house from the winter until now.

Then – just a few pics of JB and I at Solitude. The trip was amazing but that’s one where MK has all the pics other than these, so I don’t even think I did a full blog post about it. We ran up and down Main St, skied all over, and shopped and decorated the house (that part I mentioned here). MB switched from snowboarder to skier amd MK taught JB to ski at the Canyons and Solitude. The snow was gerat and hanging with them is always awesome.

Also – pictures of SXSW 2010.

This album is a couple things with our friends in PC – a couple nights out, including the infamous Ten Pin Party, where MK got us kicked out of a BOWLING ALLEY for bowling the WHITE LIGHTNING, the weirdest band I’ve EVER seen (and I’ve seen some weird bands) and MH’s moving into her new condo party. This is by far the funnest craziest group of people in PC and I’m looking forward to many more parties and a few less blurry photos with them all.

And some random extras:

handsome hubby

Trivia Winnings

JB’s pool; with dolphins


 Last, but not least, we took technically four trips to Vegas in the last three weeks or so. Since these are just phone pics, I lumped them all together. One was to see some SD friends, one just us, one with our family for CH2’s 21st birthday, and then one just us again. Man I love it there. The album is entitled “VEGASES”.


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