House Things

We’re back to work. Now that it’s warm and dry we can get so much more done. MK rented a trailer and we took two runs to the dump. There was 1700lbs. of trash in our garage! Including the woodstove, the pipes, the wood we’d taken down in various closets, and just some random trash. We swept and cleaned out the garage and it looks great now. MK also went and bought two large trees for the side yard, and some patio furniture for our front deck!

Lot of Crap

The second trip

 I put the furniture together while he ran around. I also cleaned the front and back yards and decks, weeded, seeded and watered the yards. I’ve never really done that much yardwork before, it was tough, probably good exercise. We planted some small shrubs last week, and they haven’t died yet, so I’m calling that a success.

We turned on the hot tub and shocked it. We’re cleaning it to hopefully sell. Those things are way too much work and trouble, and we never used it.

We spent a day at ikea buying a bunch of decorations, got them home, then brough half of them back. We have two floor standing vases with sticks in them. Whatever.

We have a huge list of furniture to order and get brought to us, but first we needed to finish our room! Remember this post? Where I called it a big reveal, pfft? And said coming soon? Well, now it really is. It’s been sitting like that looking crappy for two whole months. But I just got done respackling, sanding, and priming my wall. It’ll be gray tonight. MK has to do to the knockdown on the big wall and ceiling. It should be gray soon. We’ve picked out a dresser to go along the wall, a huge canvas to hang on the wall, and a TV to hang over the canvas. It’s gonna look coooool.

We painted MK’s closet in his office, pulled down junky shelves, and moved one of my big library shelves in there. Which means I had to rearrange my office. It looks a little empty but it works. I’m planning on painting it this weekend.


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