Fill In The Friday Fives

You get to help!


Five Fill In The Blanks For You:

  1. This week was __________.
  2. My seven letter personalized plate should say __________.
  3. Something you’ve been thinking about a lot is __________.
  4. Your favorite song right now is __________.
  5. Something coming up that you can’t wait for is __________.

6 thoughts on “Fill In The Friday Fives

  1. 1. insanely busy
    2. GETAJOB
    3. my job
    4. Black Sabbath – Paranoid
    5. I’m not sure, I’m finishing up all the big events..

  2. 1. Repetetive
    2. Spit-up
    3. Vacation
    4. no songs right now, just quiet (read: no crying/whining offspring)
    5. just more beautiful summer days

  3. 1. short (yay)
    2. YAYSOAP
    3. buying a house
    4. Need You Now – Lady Antebellum
    5. to be done with TPA 2 (for my credential program)

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