Not Feeling It

Everyone thought we were crazy to buy a house in Utah, and we were a little defensive. We had to tell everyone we knew what we were getting in to. And we kinda thought we did – know what we were getting in to.

Since ski season has ended, it has rained, snowed, rained, and snowed. There are even ski resorts still open, but we packed up our gear when Deer Valley closed. And we figured a few trips and some housework would tide us over until in was so nice we’d want to run around on bikes and in shorts and flip flops. I’m sorry, because I really hate people that complain about the weather. Hate it. Hate when every Facebook update is how your weather is where ever you are. Or when you complain about the weather where you are.

But I’m starting to think that warm days are never going to come. We went to Vegas for some sun. And came back, and it snowed. Each trip for house stuff through the rain or snow makes us want to quit doing house stuff. The excitement of a cute cuddly new warm baby helped, but I have had enough snow.

I like sun. And warm weather. And May for me for the last ten years has meant bikinis. I tried to think this wouldn’t be a huge adjustment, but it is. I’m craving some warm outdoors!

Yes, Craig, I know. No I told you sos. All we need is some more vacation time, I hope!


8 thoughts on “Not Feeling It

  1. I’m going through the exact same thing right now in Portland. I like it here, but apparently May is the worst month. I’m used to May being the best month of the year. It won’t stop raining, and the temperature keeps dipping in to the 40’s. Everyone keeps telling me that summer starts in a month though, and you can’t beat a Portland summer.

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