Call It Power Hour

You can’t really tell me this is only the fourth time that I’ve done yoga. It feels like ages ago I started. Well, I still fall over and do every modified version (which is not a good thing, it’s the weaker style). It’s just so amazing. I breathe better. I stretch better. I’m getting limber. I can sleep better!

I can’t believe how tough my workout was today.

Yesterday I did weights, so I was already a little sore, but this was intense. I really, really like super-slow-make-your- muscles-shake-stuff. And you can do it too! As long as if you do, you lie and tell me it was tough, even if it wasn’t.

If you have netflix, and can watch instantly, this is the video I did (click the pic for a detailed Amazon link):

Doing these videos at home has given me a little confidence and a little apprehension. I’ll go back the the gym/yoga studio eventually, and won’t be too nervous to try new things and know I might suck, but at least I get that everyone will be at a different level anyway (I hope) and not judgemental at all. I’d like to learn how to not slip all over the place and get a little more strength before I try another challenging class. I’ll admit here, I had to take two pauses to get through this hour, and the suggestion to do it on an empty stomach just made me growly half way through. Yoga and learn.


2 thoughts on “Call It Power Hour

  1. Not slipping – I find keeping a towel nearby and drying off my hands and feet periodically or placing it under my hands helps. They also sell special sticky towels that are pretty cheap—cheaper than buying an expensive rubber mat (the less expensive mats are man-made materials and get more slippery). I think the towels are called yogitoes.

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