You Just Choose

This house furnishing thing is IMPOSSIBLE. There are 600,000 choices for each and every corner of our new space. How on earth are you supposed to choose? I’m already giving up. I see one thing I like and realize that if I buy it I might find something ELSE that I like BETTER the very next day.  Or something cheaper.

Crap, let’s be really honest. I can’t even decide on a PAINT color. Because then you’re REALLY committed. I don’t want to bore you with this new house thing every day, chances are most of you have already been through all this nonsense and will tell me to just pick something and like it and put my big girl panties on.  But still.

We haven’t got much. We’re going to go to Austin and get all our things, but those things are little and simple and easy to plan around and make work. A couple end tables and some bathroom crap, really. There’s so much more we need.

My first big project is a dining room table. I’ve never had a real dining rooom table of my very own before. And this thing is going to get USED. I have a Crock Pot in storage that will be used and cleaned and used again. So I need a table. To feed all my guests on. I’m going for one of those tall pub tables that seats two per side. 8. That’s 6 guests. Awesome. But how do you pick one when you know you’re going to flip your kitchen but have NO IDEA what the end product will look like? I can’t be comparing granite to my pub table! Argh!

I’m also having a small problem with the insane amount of stuff I’m seeing on the UT Co-Op website and wanting to fill my house with. How much Burnt Orange is too much?

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12 thoughts on “You Just Choose

  1. Make it count the first time, instead of going cheap and getting a replacement in 2 yrs. As homeowners, we are both Crate & Barrel junkies – if you keep an eye out, they have decent sales sometimes. XOXO

  2. Pottery Barn also rocks.

    One of my new obsessions is They’ve turned their house inside out and upside down all by themselves and they’re so badass at it that they now get PAID to tell other people how to design their homes. For $250, they’ll build your room and tell you where to get everything. Then all you have to do is buy it and put it in your house. 🙂

    Or, you can send me pictures of each room and I’ll do the same thing for free.

  3. So. . . then. . . I should take back the geese with hankerchief neck ties and bonnets, and the hand carved wood shelves with heart cutouts, and dried wheat tied with gingham ribbon with bunnies hot glued to the knot. . . ?

  4. So, totally unrelated, I swear, what’s your parents’ address?

    Um, and I am working with Claire to design her office which is going to be burnt orange and green with natural wood accents to tone it down. . .and it’s going to be pretty badass. In case you needed motivation on that orange room. . .

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  6. Now I want that orange and green to be our living room. I think Snippy needs to go into the home remodel/interior design business!!! I have no idea why I’m seeing all your comments now for the first time, but keep those email ideas coming, you’re so much better at this than me!

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