The First Big Dump

You can say things like that when you live in Utah and it means something good.

As you can kind of make out (trust me, ton more phone pics to come, might have to create an album, I was so excited I took about 90 photos) in this picture we shoveled a foot of snow, and there’s a new foot of snow. This was before the THIRD foot of snow that was waiting for us when we got back from Sunday Funday. Because when it’s like this – you go ski.

I’ll tell you more tomorrow about the weekend, the drive, the adventures, and the snow. We went and skied at Deer Valley, which looked like this everywhere:

And I know it was a little too dark but if you can imagine at all we hiked up the stairs and in the door while it looked like this around 7pm, and we spent about an hour and a half playing in the snow, shoveling and snowblowing, digging out our trash can and mail box.


4 thoughts on “The First Big Dump

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