The Master

We I painted our bedroom. Grey. I love it.  Pretty much anything would beat the forest green that it was when we got here. Then I primed and painted the trim white. Painting trim attached to a wall with a carpet under it sucks. We’re eventually going to replace all the carpet and trim so it was just a for-right-now deal. It was miserable.

Upon finishing the room and basking in the cool freshness of it, I turned toward the master bath and gagged. With the green bedroom, the bathroom just looked off-white. With a grey bedroom, the walls turned to manila envelope dirt walls. So I painted them grey too. Just the bath area, not where we will eventually be redesigning the master closets. They’re going to get some white, eventually. Even half-finished, the bathroom has gotten a facelift. We took down the light fixture, tore off the mountain tree scene (we live in the mountains, it happens) flipped the fixture upside down, and painted the mirrors that were already there white too. Even though in the spring we will give this place a major renovation, with the plan being black stained awesome tile wall to wall and a walk in shower, no tub, closet wall to wall in the corner from Ikea- for now it has gone up in usability 80%. MK has even stopped using the basement guest bath to get ready – we don’t have pictures of that since it’s the only room we didn’t have to do anything to besides buy a rug.

It’s been forever since I lived in a place with a carpeted bathroom. Why would you ever DO that? I am vacuuming all the time to get my hair off the floor. It’s awful. Really looking forward to pulling that all up. Vacuuming is funny – I’ve done it more in 2010 in this house than probably the last three years.

The pictures don’t do the rooms justice. It was hard to find a good angle!


5 thoughts on “The Master

  1. So, you don’t know me, but I stumbled across your blog today and had to laugh. We moved into this house back in August and the bedroom was TURQUOISE. Glossy, streaky, really horribly painted turquoise. I primed the very first night and painted the next day – grey with white trim. It was your comment about the trim and carpeting that got me – there’s a white stripe all around the edge of our carpet! Oh well…

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