So here is another attempt at home improvement – the living room needs some brightening. No clue what would possess someone to paint it such a dark maroon color, that has got to go! Guess which color (if any) we picked to paint the upstairs living room?


16 thoughts on “Guess

  1. I’m also going for the bottom one, but it actually looks much lighter than the color in our living room. Ours is pretty dark! I thought you guys didn’t like green?

  2. Oooh, I like the top one better, but just because it seems a bit more neutral and easy to incorporate other colors into. OR! An accent wall in the darker shade and the rest in the lighter shade. . . FUN!

  3. Ah, I hadn’t even thought of that. Accent wall! I’m trying to let MK let me do my room in two colors – chardonnay and merlot. Seems “me”, right? A light yellow and some PURPLE BERRY STRIPES on one wall, behind the bookshelves. I’m afraid he’s giong to hurt himself with all the eye rolling he keeps doing each time I send him a new web pic from a site from the sidebar of Young House Love…

  4. LOL Craig. I’m with Snippy on choice #1. I say keep things subdued – while you might like wine on your walls, potential homebuyers may find it off-putting. Stay away from getting too “specialty”.

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