Regarding My Last Post

I wrote it hadn’t snowed since the night we moved in…

and look what we got overnight and in to today! It was 2 when I woke up. I think it’s about 6 right now. Degrees.

All you really have to do to make it snow is send me out to shovel. It started coming down right after I got in. Planning on taking my new skis from the ski swap to get tuned as soon as the roads look more doable. Every time I hear a car go by I peek out the window nervous about pending disaster. I don’t think it’s time for me to start driving in this just yet!

 And yes, the flag can stay. We decided not to burn it after all.


6 thoughts on “Regarding My Last Post

  1. The house has an awesome deck in the front and an even better one in back. To quote BB “This is a cigar smokin’ yard, not sure if I’d start in the front or in the back”. Both are a major reason we liked it.

  2. doubtlessly, less than 24 hours after he reads the part about “cigar smokin’ yard”, dad will be on a plane headed towards SLC

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