Best I Can Do

We’ve been having such a great summer! Getting to know our good friends even better, hanging around the beach, trying tons of new places, and starting our volleyball club at 4pm has been a blast! MK has a ton of photos he owes me that I keep promising you that just aren’t happening. Today BD and MR let me join them for a trip to Balboa Park, a really amazing place that we don’t get to all that often. I took pictures with my phone since I forgot my camera – but hey, that means I have the pictures and can show you them! I just threw everything that was on my phone into an album.

Here they are!

I have so much more to look forward to – Sandy Eggo is a great place! We’re taking a road trip, seeing comedians, concerts, planning trips, and getting a few more visitors soon – not to mention CH moving here! Best Summer EVER!


3 thoughts on “Best I Can Do

  1. Rough life. You should write about how CA can make some $$ if they just legalized the demon weed. I’d love to hear your stance on that. It’d be like the old college days in that one dude’s philosophy class.

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