Even though I’ve found this website a great place to chronicle adventures, I don’t post ‘here’s what I did today’ everyday. I just try to stay in the habit of writing little blurbs to make my brain work. I wanted to post stories and poetry but have totally chickened out for three years straight. Then I thought about socail commentary until I realized my thoughts on current events aren’t all that funny or though-provoking.

What I have done, since high school in fact, is buy a planner every year and keep track of what I do day to day. Even if it’s laundry. It was so fun to go back around the time we got married and remember all our dates. As the years go by, I’m less meticulous, some weeks accidentally go empty as I draw a blank when I sit down to jot down notes. But for the most part, there is my life, at least the events that comprise it, in a hard copy, on paper.

I would readily suggest to anyone with a terrible memory like mine to try journaling. A dream journal, or a day planner. Maybe even one quote a day that you find and like. Taking pen to paper just feels more rewarding than the laptop sometimes.


2 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. So been meaning to do this – I am envious that you’ve been tracking for a while. Got me a little book and wrote down what we did yesterday, which was quite a lot for a Thursday night! Will force myself to keep up. Thanks for the idea.

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