My Green Thumb

Right around Christmas, maybe a week before, we bought some poinsettias at Home Depot. I wanted three, but MK only let me get two, a red and a pink one. We usually get one every winter. It usually dies before Christmas. Or shortly thereafter.

But check out these guys:



The pink one is much bigger. They were doing so well in April when we moved that yes,  I TOTALLY took them with us. Some of our first company that we had to explain we had a furnished place to commented “How tacky of the owner to leave old plants”, which was really funny after I let them know that, no, those were ours.

I’ve never kept anything alive so long. (Come to think of it, I’m probably totally jinxing myself). Maybe it helps our little condo is like a sauna in the morning.  I don’t think you can spot it in the pictures, but these are BOTH sprouting new branches. It’s pretty funny. And exciting. I’m thinking of re-potting them in real pots. We’ll see.

Just wanted to share my excitement about the first thing I haven’t killed. Maybe it’s time to upgrade to a puppy…

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5 thoughts on “My Green Thumb

  1. You definitely should transplant them! You could even start your own poinsettia farm to supplement your Christmas income. Can you get to LA tomorrow in time for Happy Hour at the Lobster? (Like, 5pm?) Can’t wait to see you!!

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