What You Get

No one every expects that much from me. But MK, well, he’s a boss. 😉 However, we both have been in a big fog of reconnecting, unpacking, settling, and making plans that gave us both headaches and brain lapses.

Like this weekend. It’s a holiday weekend. I figured that out YESTERDAY. We have company. But not who we thought. I knew BB and MB were coming but thought MY brother got here before HIS brother. Nope. And that they’d be here at the same time. Nope. And that there were some big events we’d all be hitting up. Nope. Most of those are next weekend, except for the ones we thought were next weekend that are this weekend…apparently everyone we know in San Diego has a birthday this month.

Events next weekend, company now. BIL and a new GF. Uh oh. And maybe SIL. Even thought MK and I managed to thoroughly confuse her too. But we’re going to make the best of it. Boating in a few minutes, beach. Cookouts. Bars. Adventures. Then BIL will be here. Swap meet. Farmer’s Market. Have to scare the new GF.

I don’t have a job – it’s been a while now. So forgive me that my calendar totally sucks. I mean, we were so sure we got married on the holiday weekend and it was always the last weekend and the long weekend. Nope. I really need a calendar. Don’t even get me thinking about next month, the headaches comes back. I’m always trying to do my best, sometimes my best is pretty weak. Sorry, that’s what you get. 🙂

In other good news SB and I are gonna have an LA sleepover party, and I get to see MR belly dance too. Fun things are coming up. MK finally has the camera figured out so there might just be some pictures of the adventures too!

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