Status Update

The electronic lady voice from Dell called me two days ago now to let me know that she had my laptop. I sure hope she can fix it.

They didn’t say how long it would take. Or if they’d give it back. Just that they got it, thanks for sending your broken stuff to us! I’m picturing monkeys with hammers…in the meantime I’m running around causing drama and then forgetting what it is even though I want to share more than ever before. For example,

I spent Mother’s Day with the only Mom I knew. A friend of a friend. Seemed nice. After 4+ hours of sitting around with her crazy kids (I’ll allege I mean ‘cool crazy’ if I get sued for slander) I get told that I’m a bad person for ‘rushing home’ to pick up MK. And a psycho. (That sounds like I’m picking up MK and a psycho – that made me Laugh Out Loud. She called me a psycho. You got it, I just wanted to clarify for my own sake.) And a spoiled brat. Dude, I brought her FLOWERS. So – turns out she wasn’t the only MOM I knew, she was the only insane bipolar freak I never knew I knew. Huh.

Needless to say I’m not doing that again anytime soon – although crazy seems to be in the air over here on the bay, I wonder what they illegally dump in this water?

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7 thoughts on “Status Update

  1. WTH? I would have to say that “psycho” and “spoiled” are better defined by the person who expects her married, childless friend to spend an entire day with her and her kids. I am indignant and highly irritated on your behalf. Hope it didn’t ruin your Sunday.

  2. They say that given infinite time, an infinite number of monkeys could re-write the works of Shakespeare.

    Your laptop: 2 monkeys, 3 weeks.

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