Happy April Fools’ Day

Last year, I told my parents we were pregnant for April Fools’ Day. And got them. GOOD. It was funnier since I couldn’t stop laughing and had maybe 3 glasses of wine in me, and they STILL fell for it. Even worse, still no grandbabies! It’s the prank that keeps on pranking.

So of course we couldn’t think of anything to top that. MK was being a brat and not going along with my Facebook divorce. (Not one friend had anything silly on their site this morning…)

Instead of trying to pull something on you here, I’ve decided to supply you with some of the best pranks I found today. Isn’t it crazy that the internet is practically made to put fake stuff all over…? 😉

Keep in mind some of these links will only work today:

Here’s a giant list I found of all the sites with pranks: April Fools’ Day on the web.

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9 thoughts on “Happy April Fools’ Day

  1. In the interest of full disclosure, and my desire to complete my state imposed community service, you are not the only one keeping me from being a grandparent.

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