Gift Giving

Are you any good at giving gifts? I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, part of me wanting to be nice and do things for other people. I bet everyone we know thinks we are terrible people that just spend money on ourselves, but here’s a reminder that’s just not true.

I haven’t bought anyone in my family a birthday present in like, maybe ever. The last time I tried to buy my mom a birthday gift I was in a car wreck that completely totaled me, the car, and the gifts. And the two new CDs I bought myself (who doesn’t buy themselves stuff when they’re out shopping for others?). The problem really is that I have no idea what on earth they would want. I know what I think they SHOULD want, but over the years I’ve learned just how adopted I probably am by sharing these ideas with others and being laughed at.

Anyway, recently I got a gift for a friend (that got me one first, that’s like then you HAVE to do something) and I think she liked it. Then, just recently, I found ANOTHER gift. For a friend. That WANTED this gift. But couldn’t get it. And I got it. And they’ll get it soon. It’s dorky, but man am I super excited. I’m hoping that my gift giving lameness is turning around!

Side note: I was so worried I already blogged about being a crappy gift giver that I searched for ‘gift’ on my blog and reread a bunch of old posts, and man am I hilarious. Seriously, though, while being paranoid and searching, I found this post. Number 5 is why this is funny.

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7 thoughts on “Gift Giving

  1. Oh, yeah, you’re just a terrible person… so selfish. *rolls eyes.* Two words: SEAFOOD BUFFET. Oh wait, two more: FREE BABYSITTING (don’t tell Snippy). I could go on… FREE BEER? COOKIES! You forget about the gifts that aren’t associated with specific occasions…. I’d say you’re a pretty damn good gift-giver.

  2. See, all that was selfish – I wanted the company! The Buffet was FROM MY MOM, the babysitting is b/c SB is adorable, the beer is in return for the beer you give me, and to have a drinking buddy. The cookies were to get well so we could hang out. Oh no, I AM selfish!!

  3. “Then, just recently, I found ANOTHER gift. For a friend. That WANTED this gift. But couldn’t get it. And I got it. And they’ll get it soon.”

    After I opened a suprise box I got in the mail yesterday, I remembered this post. Not sure if I am the friend you are referring to, or if you have hit a gift giving trifecta, but regardless, thank you so much for the T. It was so sweet of you to remember and it made my day! I am definitely looking forward to wearing it and skiing again next winter.

  4. Wore the shirt tonight to our bowling league and I had my highest game EVER! Very apropos. I think it is my lucky shirt now.

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