Move It Or Lose It

Locals are pretty serious about a powder day. They call in sick. They get up EARLY. They wait for the lifts to open, jockeying in line to be first chair. TB BB MK and I showed them all up and got on the lift first chair this morning. BB looks like a local skier. They didn’t mess with him. TB couldn’t believe people would think of pushing and shoving, until she saw them pushing and shoving. I, in keeping with being the biggest dork ever, make it up to Silver Lake lodge and realized that my lame knee makes it hard to ski-skate, and took forever to get to the next lift. Which makes the locals not on the first chair but all of the ones after ski by you shaking their heads wondering what you’re doing out there at all.

I wondered the same thing. At first I had to turn down MK’s offer to take me down some super scary stuff, and skied off on my own, trying to find a balance on the groomers that would not kill my knee and not transfer all that knee agility to my super tired legs. Not to mention it was the coldest since Christmas…I didn’t make it that long. TB came looking for me and took me down a blue that I always struggle with, then we went for broke and did one of our favorite black groomers, only it wasn’t groomed. TB’s lesson helped immensely and I found a way to ski that takes the pressure off my knee and makes me more sure footed. The bump run made me realize how to move and transfer weight easier. MK couldn’t keep up with me as we flew home. Great day to be out skiing. Even if now I feel like Jello.

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8 thoughts on “Move It Or Lose It

  1. BB: Yeah, we’ll get first chair… nobody over in that line has a shot.

    Us: Why is that– they open our line first?

    BB: See those women in the front row? Three old ladies are NOT gonna beat me to the chair!

    My husband. Proof that chivalry isn’t dead, but it’s sure knocking on death’s door on a powder day.

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