Don’t Ma’am Me

Cute young woman or dirty old lady?

On the one hand, I think I’ve got a young ski outfit. I’m short, in my head that means I’m still growing. I feel young. I wear silly tshirts, I put my hair in pigtails. I stay up late and go out dancing.

On the other hand, I totally use Oil of Olay and have a bad knee and aches and pains. I complain about kids driving too fast. I know about the 80s, which was forever ago now.

Let me explain. I went skiing by myself. It’s hard – you have to know where you put the car and get all your own stuff. But it’s fun – you can do the same run 1000 times and stop when you want and talk to strangers on the chair lift.

I’ve never felt old or grown up. I don’t have those markers, other than being married- no mortgage, kids, whatever. So explain to me why talking to the guy on the lift and finding out he was 26 (I’m 27) made me feel like someone’s great great aunt?? I mean, I felt old! I usually assume anyone not in the Reindeer Club ski school is way waaay older than me. If you don’t look like a teenager, you’re 50. Apparently I’m closer to the latter now. And no one warned me! Today is the first day I’ve ever felt old. Hopefully it passes…


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21 thoughts on “Don’t Ma’am Me

  1. I vote for a clean game of Slaps. Oh, and for the record, no one born in the 80’s could be considered old. I was rocking out to Madonna before you were potty-trained, and I’m not old, so case closed.

  2. Hmm. Good question. Maybe when the tiny basket of my motorized shopping cart overflows with Rx’s, Depends, SeaBond, Ben-Gay, Ex-Lax and sugar-free, low-sodium foods? I don’t want to get old… my family makes ornery old people 🙂

  3. I got called ma’am at Randall’s the other day. I almost leaped over the check out and attacked the zit faced red head like “I was all jacked up on Mt Dew” Bastards…. For the records, I am 26… with achey knees.

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