Passing The Blame

I was all ready to get back in the swing of things here on somegosoftly. ASH and NH are amazing guests and have helped worlds in cheering me up and helping me move forward. We’ve seen some amazing snow in the past few days and had great times skiing. Then the computer died. It was on the fritz in CT and kept crashing strangely. But two days ago it just quit.

Whether it ended up being a virus or hardware issue, it seems to be corrected for the moment. And just in time – there’s a lot of interesting events going down…TB joined facebook. That makes me laugh. SXSW is coming. That means I need to be able to immediately jump on and RSVP to the barrage of oncoming emails. NH is too smart, and ASH is too lawyer-ly, I need to be able to hold a conversation, so Wikipedia needs to be sitting here ready and waiting.

In other news, I miss my mom (FAMILY), I was told my makeup is not as awesome as I thought, and I’m skiing much better. So long as this computer holds up, I’m getting it back together.


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8 thoughts on “Passing The Blame

  1. “I was told my makeup is not as awesome as I thought”

    Um. What was the context of that statement? I’m trying to imagine it, and all I’m getting is dialogue that goes something like this:

    You: Do you want some mac ‘n cheese?
    Them: Your makeup is not as awesome as you think.

    And, in that context, I’m sorry, but that was just rude.

  2. LOL to Snippy, and I agree with Mom. I always thought you looked hotter with a naked face anyway!

    Glad your PC is better for the moment, was beginning to think that SGS went out of business.

    Can’t wait to party w/you during my virgin-SXSW outings.

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