You all read that list (that I can’t find to link to) and know by now that we’ve been running a hotel. It was my idea. We’re somewhere cool – tell everyone to come. Big hits in Seattle and San Diego. It helps us see more of where we’re living. And cuts our travel time a little. 😉

Well, KD and JC were here when I found out about Grandma. And as awful as I felt having to deal with it in front of them, I can’t imagine doing it without them. ND and NN being here probably got MK out of not knowing what to say or do. I bet he was grateful. I’ve had KJ and RJ here cooking for me and letting me nap. We all know these people aren’t just my company, they’re my friends. But it’s also nice to be reminded what a smart friend picker I am.

In other good news, it finally snowed again for the first time in weeks, just in time for ASH and NH 🙂 It seems like forever since I skied, I hope I can figure it out again!

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2 thoughts on “Company

  1. Last night Jamie and I were talking about our incredible vacation with you and Mike. Wish I was skiing with you right now!

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