Letting Yourself Go

Chances are no one that likes you has ever accused you of letting yourself go. We typically think of it as someone that stops things like, well, personal hygiene.

But I let myself go all the time. To me there are a lot of meanings to the phrase, and I like most of them. In San Diego we were letting ourselves go by really trying new things, going new places, taking on great adventures, reaching out to make new friends.

Here and now, I’m really letting myself go. And I love it. Pedi/manis are on the edge of my tub. I eat whatever I want, minus when someone makes that totally horrified “Are you serious?” face. The skiing must be helping, I haven’t gained any weight. No one dies if the dishes don’t get done (someone should have let me know that years ago). I’ve let go of the stress of family, of friends, of fear. I honestly let go each time I come down part of that mountain. That’s one of my favorite feelings. I’m not having heart attacks about company coming, I’m joyfully calm.

So my New Year’s resolution is more letting myself go. I’ll wash my hair for you, but I’m not promising to worry or stress about anything. I’ve done that enough for a lifetime. I’m going to find my joy or center or passion or whatever word you want for that feeling that things are just good.

Happy New Year, may you all let yourselves go.


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