Why I Haven’t Called You

There’s not much to say besides that the last few weeks were right back in our style: party-company-mode. After getting back from our trip JM came and we did everything there was to do. As in, all of San Diego. We saw the fireworks. We went to the beach. As I mentioned here we shopped every mall. We snorkeled every cove. We tried some surfing. We lounged. We ate more ice cream than I’ve ever eaten. I didn’t even know I liked ice cream. We saw a yacht. We saw some sky-advertising? We counted a dozen weddings. We not exactly legally got as close to planes landing as we knew how…

RD and JML came for Comic Con, which gets it’s own full review, but I mention it since we had some great dinners and were all together one night to play UNO all night and get a great pic of JM in a cage. Priceless, really.

Here’s the link to the pictures, which I’m pretty sure say more than my words even can. Really.

Leopard Sharks La Jolla Cove

Leopard Sharks La Jolla Cove


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