Seagull Babies

As usual, after I go through or see something and become an expert, I share all my knowledge with you, my dear readers. Today: seagull babies. I’ve learned so much this past month about them. Now you can too.

  • They are gross. Seagull babies come out all gray and downy and shed everywhere and just sit around and poop even more than grown up seagulls.
  • They make their parents insane. Our seagull parents (on the roof of the building in front of us) have taken to screaming out loud every morning and all day. All day. Loud. And trying to get in our pool for some reason, which is gross. One parent ALSO (see next item) banged his head on our sliding glass door all morning the other day for no reason whatsoever.
  • They are really really stupid. MK actually had to go after the baby that took his first trip off the roof and ended up walking in our laundry room after hitting his head against the glass of our sliding door. Stupid bird then walked down two flights of stairs and got stuck somewhere, so we gave up on him. (Maybe the head banging is hereditary.)
  • They stink. You could totally smell them on our walk by the beach yesterday. Eeew.
  • They need to be stopped. There are already too many seagulls and the babies were going nuts wandering around the beach trying to scavenge for food (they learn that quick) and fighting.

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