Turkey Talk

Gobble, gobble, gobble…no, not like a turkey, about turkey.

This morning the radio show prank called the Butterball help line right when my little radio alarm went off. I wish I could wake up laughing that hard every morning. “What exactly is a giblet?”

MK and I literally spent 30$ on this embarrassing list: a cooked turkey (like, just the meat), a bag of salad, a can of cranberry, cooked potatoes, pre-made gravy, stuffing, beans, a roll of pastries, two cooked pies, and fat free cool whip.

I would maybe some years ago mind sharing that with you, but I feel like we’re on vacation. It’s going to be just us, and we don’t eat much. Or want to spend all day cooking. It’s supposed to be really nice, and we’re planning a walk on the beach. We might go see a movie, I did it once with friends and thought it was hilarious.

Sure, I miss my family and all the food being made for me and sleeping in front of the TV and, well, that’s all we used to do…but I guess we have to start our own traditions. If the premade turkey is good, MK and I have decided that’s a good tradition. Jayne is having ham, I like that too. Sybotee is on a road trip. Tradition doesn’t have to dictate your good time. So what are your big plans?

thanksgiving food

NANO TOTAL: 10162 words. Over a hump!
NaBlo Day 21: Check.


2 thoughts on “Turkey Talk

  1. I’m doing the domestic diva thing– making an entire traditional spread from scratch and somehow transporting it all an hour’s drive away to my brother’s place tomorrow. The key is learning what you can assemble a day or two ahead of time (almost everything)… then you just pop stuff in the oven and hope for the best.

    Happy Thanksgiving! You guys are way up high on our list of people we are thankful to name as friends. Hope you have a great, relaxing day.

    Love, T

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