The Scenery

MK finally took me on a great tour of where we live.

Here are the pictures.

We went to the La Jolla Beach, drove through more mansions (that’s kind of what they all are here) and up to Mt. Soledad, a really amazing view of the coast from La Jolla to Pacific Beach and back around to the city skyline.

We drove through Old Town, which we’ll have to explore more, and drove over the giant bridge to Coronado, which wasn’t as amazingly ritzy as I had imagined but was still very nice. I wouldn’t say no if you bought me a place there. The beach is incredible, and we could squint and make out pirate ships, which we had to go home and look up immediately. If we ever make any friends down here, we’re throwing a pirate ship party.

I have slightly mentioned to my nomadic husband that I might be perfectly FINE if this is where I end up for a substantial amount of time, we’ll have to see how that goes. The downtown area is super cool. Balboa Park is always crowded but full of things to do. Taking a vacation when we’ve only been here a week put a bump in our exploring, but we’ll see more soon.

NANO TOTAL: 9900 words.
NaBlo Day 20: Check.


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