One Load Of Laundry

And an episode of Grey’s Anatomy. That is, at 1pm, the extent of my accomplishments for the day. My house smells like a cigarette factory and looks like 400 people came to a party and emptied their pockets of loose change, receipts, and gum wrappers, followed by roaming monkeys throwing clothes at each other.

I have so much to tell you internet, but first I have to find the camera to do the pictures, fumigate my house, and wash all my clothes. Oh, and eat and stuff. I promise once I can feel my feet and my eyes can stay open I will catch you up on some truly fantastic adventures. Don’t be mad if that isn’t until next week sometime, it means the stories are that good…

I take full responsibility for the cheaty-ness of this post.

i'm so excited

NANO TOTAL: 9900 words. Considering quitting.
NaBlo Day 19: Check. Much more manageable than a book.


2 thoughts on “One Load Of Laundry

  1. Technically, I do that before I even wake up, but that’s because of the whole midnight/when a day actually starts thing. 😀

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