One Last Break

We made it that day all the way from Oregon to San Francisco. It’s crazy, I know. I wasn’t driving. In fact, MK drove the whole way. What a good guy. We got in to SF very, very late. Too late to go out, so we passed out at the hotel after watching a few minutes of news on the fires and getting a hotel room for San Diego. ETA: I can’t believe I forgot to mention we drove over the Golden Gate Bridge,  which was neat. But it costs 5$. Which is nuts.

The next morning we were lucky enough to be able to spend some time with my buddy RD. I had the best milkshake in the universe (yes I know that’s not Body for Life style), and he convinced me to sign up on Facebook, if only to play Scrabble, which it just so happens that for an English major I am terrible at.

Anyway, we got to see his work and all that good stuff before we jumped in the car again. The drive from San Fransisco basically to LA is the worst in the world. I know I told you that was near Amarillo, but this was even more dull. There’s nothing at all to look at, it’s barren. Then there’s some fruit plantations (what do they call them?) that stretch a million miles. Then you’re there.

I took one picture in SF:


NANO TOTAL: 2342 words – Patriots are on.
NaBlo Day 4: Check.


3 thoughts on “One Last Break

  1. woohoo, pretty soon i will see the golden gate bridge with my very own eyes. gotta love road trips. you & MK are basically old pros at this point.

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