May Tally

Well, readers, the time has come. Despite this being my worst “working out” month in forever, I may have managed to walk off all the bad food and beverages. I have reached my all time fitness goal – measured not by weight, which has been going up – lb. of muscle being heavier and smaller than lb. of fat and all that – but simply by pants. I am a real deal, not too tight, size! 2! pants!. Well, size 2 everything. Which has come recently from the size!3!pants! post. I’m bikini ready. No longer worried about weight issues, about changing.
Final count on the Calendar of Progress:

  1. The letter W (for weights) appeared a total of 4 times.
  2. The letter C (for cardio) appeared a total of 13 times.
  3. The letter D (for drinking) appeared a total of 500-ish times.

I hurt my knee pretty badly at the beginning of the month, and then have been hanging out with company, but I’m satisfied. So satisfied, in fact, that my monthly posts will no longer focus on counted days. I’m going to try and share the new things I’ve started doing, picking a month and targeting a core area in addition to the required cardio. I’m now in maintenance mode.

mouse determined


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