Gotta Get Goals

This meme comes from my friend blindeh, and the rules can be found at

They aren’t exactly over the top or unique, and I’m good with 5 for now, rather than 10. I’m a simple kind of gal.

  1. Publish my book. I have walked away from this beast twice now. It was one thing to write, and completely another to try to edit. I don’t want to give up, I think it has a chance, and I know I can make y’all buy copies, if only out of sheer curiosity. I want to compete in Nano again this November, so I want to set the goal here and now to have it edited by then. I’m in a new city with very little to distract me, so I feel like now is the time to make more time and less excuses.
  2. External ReConstruction. I have been working out and working on this little body seriously since January. I’ve seen results and want that to continue. It may not increase my life span, or improve my attitude, but I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this change in my life and know it’s a positive one. I want every morning to be waking up in my best shape yet. It takes determination and perseverance to not make excuses, and has challenged me mentally as well and physically.
  3. Internal ReConstruction. Along with my body needing work, I realized my mind and heart do too. Everyone always gets hokey on this one, but I’m very simply just trying to be a better person. I always thought I knew who I was and what I was going to be since I was old enough to walk. I’m realizing a little introspection and effort is worth it. Enough said.
  4. Travel all the continents and states. I’m doing pretty good on this one. I have been so blessed to see so much, and know without a doubt you extend your horizons through new cultures and new places. I want that to continue, to share that with my husband, and eventually our family.
  5. Find a home. Ideally, I would be closest the people that mean the most to me: my parents, (only!) cousin, my brother-in-law, and even T and BB. Where we will end up is so up in the air, and I’d like to have a stronger sense of my future and where it will be.

I’m supposed to tell people to do this, too: how about snippy, misadventures, and simply missional. I would tag TB, but she still doesn’t have her own blog…


3 thoughts on “Gotta Get Goals

  1. Now stop it! No fair getting sappy when I was finally okay with you guys being 3000 miles away…. But I will take your lead on this. I need some goals as well. I promise starting my own blog will be on the list, right after “persuading the husband to buy me my own computer.” Small steps.

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