Size! 3! Pants!

How you KNOW your workouts are paying off, of course, is going down sizes in clothes. As of yesterday, I am the very very very very proud owner, of, you guessed it, SIZE 3 PANTS!!!

And not even from a fat people’s clothing store – everyone’s an extra small at Old Navy – or anything like that. These are bona fide skinny people pants.

I’m ecstatic. Next ten times you see me, don’t be surprised if I’m in the same pants. I mean, I could go buy more and more of them, but that’d just be bragging. 😉 Just to be sure, for those doubters out there, I tried on many pairs of size three pants, to assure everyone that it was no fluke. I just bought the cutest pair. I may save all my money, and only buy size three pants for ever and ever. Hmmm. It’s going to be tough staying away from the beer during March Madness (see previous post) but nothing motivates me like skinny pants!!!!

skinny pants

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