Chinese New Year Presents

Well, I may have missed it by a day, but it’s the year of the pig! Yay!

We did all the appropriate stuff, I ate some Ramen Noodles and we celebrated in the traditional method of watching 24 hours of Law & Order on the TNT marathon. I got to go out last night and see some old friends and of course, if you know anything, you know that RB is in town (this guy from San Fran) so we got to party, and that is always the Best Of Times.

The house is a full, shiny, happy place full of fun and wonderfulness, despite me waking up every morning with my face still in pain. Boo.

Don’t google year of the pig, whatever you do, there are too many gross pictures of carved up pigs on the internet, that is for sure.

Some Start A Conversation! Do it! I dare you!

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