Phat Tuesday

That’s what I’m having. Woo Hoo. By the end of the day today, the first chapter of my novel will be in the hands of an EDITOR, and I will be working on the second. I can’t tell you for the life of me why it took so long. It’s a challenge to do something this personal for me, I’m a little afraid of success, even more than failure (which of course is the most likely for any writer). Getting a book on the market will validate so much for me.

Procrastinating is easy to do, there are things that come up, excuses that I can make to avoid the work. Since there’s no time limit, no boss, no structure. It doesn’t come to you, and I’ve learned you really can’t force it. It’s rough work, slow going and intense, full of difficult thought and angst and pressure. I actually should be rushing to get it over with.

reading books


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