Love Is In The Air

Last night, I found myself peering across the table from a lovely date.

Last night before I left my husband for this date, he let me in on a little secret, that the night before Valentine is the common night that men take their mistresses out. He said he read it on the internet. Hmm. Well, this was KD, not my man or my mistress (well, I did get her a card), and I didn’t have time to wander the restaurant asking other people there if they were in the middle of being unfaithful. Maybe next year.

It was a blast to spend some relaxed time together after all the gym-ness we’d been rocking together.

All the holidays have been my favorite this year. Card shopping has been fun. Why you ask? I get to buy stuff that says “husband“. I have a husband. This is the first time that that has happened. All the holidays have been happier, even though we’ve been together for a long time, just knowing that we’ve cemented that. MK has always been the best guy at Valentine’s, a list of all my sweet and thoughtful gifts would make you want to puke, all the other gifts would make you want to rob me (why I’m not listing them). He reminds me everyday, not just today, why I fell for him.

Anyway, knowing there are some out there that are not in love with what I agree is a cheesy day, a commercial day (velvet and snippy), there are also those out there that think of it as a time to reflect, to be happy, to call their mother, to give their single friends cards, and eat a little candy, to kiss someone just a little longer, to remember the little school parties and construction paper cards. Either way, Happy Valentine’s Day!

2 thoughts on “Love Is In The Air

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