Writing Down The Bones

There’s that little sidebar information about the novels and such that I’ve been getting into, which I assume that you’ve noticed. (Or are noticing now, I’ll wait, go ahead…)

Right. So, I haven’t made detailed comments on every book, and I feel as though I should let you know why that is.

1. That would be a lot of posts, I’m reading many many books lately.

2. I am a skilled book-picker-outer. If it’s up there, you should go buy it or ask to borrow it. It will be a good one.

3. Some of you (yeah, sorry to single you out) don’t know how to read if it isn’t a blog or an email.

4. Some of you (even worse than those in category #3) read – gasp – things like self help books and _____ for Dummies. Stop it.

Ironically enough, this will help you out a little if you’re in category #3. The book Writing Down the Bones was a gift from a client ages ago who was so impressed by me that he was convinced I would write a great book. He bought me this as a gift, for inspiration. And maybe also because he was all about meditation and there’s a little of that in there.

I implore you to check this book out. Even if you are not a writer, chances are you need a little order in your life, and this book will help. Every place she mentions ‘writer’ you could insert ‘stock broker’ or ‘checkout assistant’ and learn something.

find a good book

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