Good And Bad

The Good: I got to spend some time with a bunch of friends that I hadn’t seen in a while last night. DH and EL can make me laugh like no one else, and that hasn’t changed. I realized that they are doing bigger and better things, DH has SPONSORS he’s such an athlete, and that we’ll just have to make better efforts to make sure we get to see each other. KD and KE are great too, and I finally feel like I’m doing a good job as a friend, which in my growing up I had been questioning lately.

Also, I, for maybe the third or fourth time that I’ve even been out, found myself at a restaurant eating something that wasn’t bad for me. It was yummy and healthy, and I’m going to try to balance the food to work out ratio a little better since that seems to be the general consensus as to why I don’t only weigh 100lbs. yet.

And, wrapping up the good, I don’t think I’m one to say that I missed out on my childhood or anything, but I certainly experienced last night for the first time the putting on of a face mask that gets hard and peels off. KE and I couldn’t stop laughing as we tore at the bits of hardened goo. I’m pretty sure I look 4 years younger today (at least). Well, at least besides the stuff in my hair.

The Bad: There is one VBP (Very Bad Person) that happened to me not too long ago. Actually, now that I think about it, there were two right around the same time, strange. Anyway, this one I have had the pleasure of not thinking about for quite some time. However, AUSTIN BECOMES A VERY SMALL TOWN.

I think you know what I mean. I leave the house MAYBE once a day, for a gym or store or social event. I like to remain anonymous, if possible, maybe due to this event, or maybe just I didn’t do my hair quite right or make it to the NY Bestseller’s list quite yet. But in Austin, if you’ve done that networking thing, or even gotten to know people, for some reason, that have hobbies like you, or whatever made you friends at all, you run in to them. Especially when you’re unprepared.

ANYWAY, I didn’t run in to the VBP, but it was like I did. I ran in to someone else, that brought all that back and set me off. GRR! (That’s me being angry at the VBP.) This VBP is ruining LIVES. I hate that. So this is my little tirade that I hope VBP drops off the face of the earth so I can stop getting worked up about what a VBP that person is and go on with my life. It’s hard when you were so involved and tried so hard to stop the VBT (Very Bad Things) the VBP was going to do did. And that’s how I feel about that.


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